iPad subscription App crowd-funding

Today marks the public launch of the New Internationalist crowd-funding campaign – StartSomeGood.com/indy-media-app – for the design and distribution of our iPad and iPhone subscriptions App and we’d be super-appreciative of your help.

There are so many ways you can help:

Would you grab the opportunity to nurture a young activist?

The future is in good hands.  The Australian Youth Climate Coalition, GetUp, The Oaktree Foundation and many other organizations are supported by crowds of enthusiastic young activists.

The best activism is supported by meticulous research and motivational stories, and that’s exactly the specialty of the New Internationalist magazine.

Can you please help us with a pledge so that we can nurture more young activists?
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How many awards does it take to draw in a subscriber?

How many awards does it take to draw in a subscriber?

Just one more, it seems.

If the New Internationalist magazine were a wine bottle, there’d be so many gold medals that there’d barely be room for the label. And if we were a blockbuster movie, the nominations and award wins would be so numerous, you could melt down the poster to retrieve the gold.

Now I know modesty is golden too, but just occasionally I hope we might be forgiven for sharing the accolades we’ve had from our peers, just so you know you’re not the only one who thinks we’re worth supporting. Here are a few of the awards that I know about:
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Beware the peddlers of austerity economics

Federal deficits, creating green jobs, austerity vs stimulus packages; how do you balance it all out? There are some important lessons to be learned from Europe’s recent experience.

In issue 464 of the New Internationalist magazine, celebrated author Susan George gives a spirited lashing to European leadership, accusing it of being entirely subservient to the desires of finance and the largest corporations. “European leadership is brain-dead, ignorant of economics and needlessly committing economic suicide” she writes.

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Four decades in the life of the world

It was 1978. I was a young whipper-snapper working with Community Aid Abroad (now renamed OXFAM Australia). I’d heard a stirring speech by Peter Adamson on ABC radio, and now I was excited at the prospect of meeting the man in person. I was not disappointed. His towering intellect and his ability to weave a spell-binding story combined to make his visit one of the most memorable of my life.

This remarkable man was the founding editor of the New Internationalist magazine, which had been launched five years earlier, and he was in Australia to inspire people with a vision of progress in human development, and to promote the magazine.

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Help us choose

Are there things that you’re passionate about that you’d like us to cover in future issues of the New Internationalist magazine?  Would you like to help us choose the photographs that we’ll print in the 2014 New Internationalist One World Calendar?  Here are two great opportunities for you to play a role.

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