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Are there things that you’re passionate about that you’d like us to cover in future issues of the New Internationalist magazine?  Would you like to help us choose the photographs that we’ll print in the 2014 New Internationalist One World Calendar?  Here are two great opportunities for you to play a role.

Future magazine topics

The New Internationalist Magazine Guide - shows previous topics

The New Internationalist Magazine Guide - shows previous topics

Each July our editorial team meets to map out the main themes that will be important for us to cover in the magazine over the next year.  Our readers, staff and volunteers all pitch in ideas, so it’s quite a process to sift though all of the proposals and come up with a workable agenda.  We’d really appreciate your participation, so do submit your ideas please by 24th June.  There are two easy ways to get your ideas to us:

  • Just submit a comment to this blog – that’s great, as it might stimulate other supporters to do the same.
  • Alternatively you can email your suggestions to Jo Lateu. She’s our editorial co-ordinator, working in the Oxford office of the New Internationalist.

You can write a paragraph or two if you want, but equally a couple of sentences outlining the subject will suffice. If you are feeling verbose, please keep your submissions to a maximum of 200 words!

If you’d like to see the range of topics we’ve covered previously, our Magazine Guide is a great starting point.

New Internationalist One World Calendar photo selection

Help us choose photos for the 2014 One World Calendar

Help us choose photos for the 2014 One World Calendar

This unique large-format calendar is an international best-seller with 180,000 sold worldwide each year.  It features top quality images from some of the world’s best photographers, many of them based in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Pacific.

We’d be very pleased if you’d lodge your vote for your favourites from the 30 photos that have made the short-list for our 2014 Calendar.  You can vote here or just enjoy the photography.

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  1. I’d like to see NI cover the Aboriginal Sovereignty movement and the stories coming out of the various tent embassies around the country. Human rights are continuously being violated and there’s very little fair media coverage.

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