Planet Talks at WOMADelaide 2023

WOMADelaide is best known as a glorious long weekend of music and dance from around the world. But Planet Talks also gives some special opportunities for sharing ideas with some of the world’s most inspiring thought leaders and activists who are working on key global environmental and justice issues.

Big ideas to share

For 2023 much of the focus will be on the First Nations Voice to Parliament, the Race to Netzero, Rights for Nature and Crimes Against Nature.

First Nations Voice to Parliament

Dan Bourchier – who is leading the ABC coverage of the Referendum and the Voice to Parliament – will host a discussion.

It will be a special opportunity to hear first-hand from the co-chairs of the Uluru Dialogue CommitteePatricia Anderson AO and Prof Megan Davis – and the APY Executive Board Council Chair Sally Scales.

Uluru Dialogue Committee co-chairs – Patricia Anderson AO & Prof Megan Davis. APY Executive Board Council Chair Sally Scales

They’ll showcase the decade of work that has gone into the opportunity we now have of enshrining a First Nations Voice to Parliament. In preparation for this event, this ABC Insiders interview with Prof Megan Davis gives an excellent overview.

The Race to Netzero

In 2022 the Australian Parliament legislated greenhouse gas emissions targets of a 43% reduction by 2030 and netzero by 2050. But how do we achieve it? The Race to Net Zero event – presented by The Australia Institute – will feature:

Eytan Lenko, Richie Merzian, Brynn O’Brien & Maree Lowes

More Planet Talks

There are lots more big-ticket Planet Talks to enjoy, covering topics such as rights for nature and crimes against nature. The schedule is on the WOMADelaide website.

Why tear yourself away from WOMADelaide’s music and dance program?

So why would you miss some of WOMADelaide’s brilliant music and dance acts and schedule in some of the Planet Talks? Can’t you see these thought-leaders on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and TV?

Well sure. But that’s in amongst a clutter of daily life. You’ll find it much more memorable to sit in person in these discussions – in Adelaide’s glorious Botanic Park – where you can clarify your thinking by hearing from luminaries and then asking a question of the panel.

WOMADelaide in the park

There have been so many of these unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experiences at previous Planet Talks. Who could forget the passionate presentation of the late great “lawyer for the planet” Polly Higgins as she patiently explained the urgent need for an ecocide law. And Simon Hackett – of the Hackett Foundation – Presenting Partners of WOMADelaide – as he stressed that if you can be an early adopter of solar, batteries and electric vehicles, you must do it. You will be a crucial part of a movement that will gradually make these planet-saving initiatives affordable for lower-income households.

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