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Today marks the public launch of the New Internationalist crowd-funding campaign – StartSomeGood.com/indy-media-app – for the design and distribution of our iPad and iPhone subscriptions App and we’d be super-appreciative of your help.

There are so many ways you can help:



If you haven’t been involved with crowd-funding before, here’s the deal:

  • We’re trying to raise $28,000
  • But we have to reach what StartSomeGood calls our “tipping point” – $7,000 – or else all the pledges lapse and our campaign fails.

So we’re obviously very eager for you to go to StartSomeGood.com/indy-media-app to make your pledge. Thank you so much.

I mentioned incentives. We’ve had some great offers of support from Gotye, Tim Minchin, Peter Combe, Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas and Rod Quantock, so do snap up one of their rewards when you make your pledge.

Developing our iPad and iPhone Apps is a tremendously exciting project; probably the most important new venture for us since the Australian launch of the New Internationalist in the 1970s.

But it’s also very demanding.  There’s a very long lead-time on generating income from these new high-tech ventures. We need your crowd-funding support to plug that gap.

Most importantly of all, there’s the goal: our outreach work – particularly in schools and universities – to ensure the next generation of potential activists have the global justice facts and arguments they need.

The New Internationalist magazine has a 40 year history of successful campaigning, as you’ll see from our interactive magazine timeline – from the babyfood tragedy, to the international ban on landmines, to the drop the debt campaign – and it’s hugely important that we are on all the outreach channels that are opening up for us.  Thanks so much for your help.

4 thoughts on “iPad subscription App crowd-funding

    • Hi Julia,
      Yes, that’s our plan. If we get enough crowd-funding, as soon as we’ve finished the iPad App, we’ll move straight onto the Android App for inclusion in Google Play News. For now, so long as you’re online, our existing digital.newint.com.au App works fine on Android, but the dedicated Android App will provide for offline reading, automatic delivery of content and offline access to the archive. Cheers, Brian

  1. Hi Brian and NI,

    I’m keen to support (even all the way from Uganda) and promote through social media. Can you provide us with a few examples of Facebook posts and twitter posts so we can send out to followers?

    Many Thanks


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