Beware the peddlers of austerity economics

Federal deficits, creating green jobs, austerity vs stimulus packages; how do you balance it all out? There are some important lessons to be learned from Europe’s recent experience.

In issue 464 of the New Internationalist magazine, celebrated author Susan George gives a spirited lashing to European leadership, accusing it of being entirely subservient to the desires of finance and the largest corporations. “European leadership is brain-dead, ignorant of economics and needlessly committing economic suicide” she writes.

In response, rising public consciousness of equality politics is reinforcing the campaigns for alternative strategies against debt and austerity.

austerity_375I’ve created a guest pass to Susan George’s article so you can share it with friends who aren’t yet New Internationalist magazine readers.

There’s stunning hypocrisy at work as well. It’s been reported that the German government – while demanding social spending cuts from debt-ridden southern European countries – has been lobbying behind the scenes against cuts to military spending because of concerns for its own arms industry.

The magazine provides helpful links to organisations and campaigns, plus some great suggestions for further reading.

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