About Geoff

Geoff Harcourt was Professor of Economics at Adelaide University before moving to Cambridge University where he spent more than half of his working life. He has published widely on the Post Keynesian school of economic thought and has had a deep impact on fellow economists and students alike. His many honours include being an Officer of the Order of Australia, Distinguished Fellow of the Economic Society of Australia and a Distinguished Fellow of the History of Economics Society (USA).

Website: http://www.assa.edu.au/fellows/profile.php?id=130

A fervent plea on behalf of the wretched of the earth for 2012 and beyond

The interrelated capitalist world is in a state of crisis, unstable and almost out of control.  The orthodox theory behind the lunatic policies being followed has little connection to the actual world it is meant to interpret and explain. Social unrest, prejudice, racism, self-interest, lack of compassion, anarchistic or worse forces are being unleashed: all the outcome of finance capital being out of kilter with industrial and commercial capital. Continue reading