Sponsor a School Subscription

Can you spare either $110 or $11,000 to help build global justice awareness among students?

For the next part of our crowd funding campaign, we’re looking for 100 people who will assist us with $110 (or maybe one person who can spare $11,000).

Here’s how it will work:

– If you pledge $110, we’ll match that to double it up to $220.
– Then to help a school get started with the New Internationalist magazine, we’ll be able to offer them a heavily subsidised subscription for the first year. They’ll pay only $20 towards the $240 cost of the print + digital subscription bundle for their school.
– That will give all the staff and students on their campus access to the superb resources of the New Internationalist magazine for a year, thanks to your subsidy.

We’ve found that once a school begins a New Internationalist subscription, they realise its value in expanding the horizons of their students, and they then continue with us year after year. It’s that initial hurdle that’s the big barrier.

So can you help us sponsor one school that doesn’t currently subscribe? Or maybe 100 schools if you’re fortunate enough to be flush with cash? It will be a major contribution to the global awareness of the next generation of activists and decision-makers. Thank you so much for considering this.

You can make a pledge with your Visa, Mastercard or PayPal account on our StartSomeGood crowd funding campaign site.

If $110 is beyond your means, we’re also still looking for another 86 pledges of $25 to assist us with updating the content on our digital subscription service as each new issue is published.

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