Salamander LED solar torch and powerbank. Prepare for next blackout…

There’s a severe storm. Power lines are down and the lights go out. The ground floor is flooded. What do you need most? A reliable, rechargeable torch and something to charge your phone. We’ve got you covered. It’s the POWERPlus Salamander, a bright LED flashlight and emergency powerbank all in one solar-charged package:

– Leave it in a sunny window-sill so the solar panel keeps it charged for when disaster strikes (or just for your regular walk around the block).
– The clever design ensures the Salamander solar-cell automatically faces up for charging.
– Unscrew the cap at the back and you’ll find a USB plug to recharge your phone; so useful for everyday “oh-oh” moments, as well as in a crisis.
– There’s also a micro-USB charging-in port for a quick recharge from a power point before the storm hits.

Salamander solar torch powerbankSo why is it called a Salamander? It’s a little amphibian… it is waterproof, and if you happen to drop it in floodwaters it will float.

Order your Salamander from the New Internationalist Australia shop at or

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