A New Year resolution

Here’s a big thank you to the team from the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency who rounded off a solid year of tortuous negotiations with some progress at COP18 in Doha. Of course we’re disappointed that there’s such slow global action on the climate crisis that is unfolding, but we should still celebrate the huge effort being put in by Climate Change staff.

The tough reality is that within two decades we need to stop burning coal, gas and oil. We simply cannot accept the 4 to 6 degree temperature rise that is likely by the end of the century if we don’t move to a zero-emissions economy. But moving to zero-emissions won’t happen for as long as governments and international negotiations are in thrall to the fossil fuel industry.

Paul Gilding - TED Talks - The earth is full

Paul Gilding – TED Talks – The earth is full

So the New Year’s resolution? Divestment. Eventually reserves of coal, oil and gas will collapse in value because they won’t be able to be used, and the fossil-fuel lobby will lose its grip on power. What we need to do is to move that process along much faster, so that renewables and zero-emissions become the only attractive investment. So please – for your own self-interest – and for the current crop of kids who will live the nightmare if we don’t move more quickly – please do what you can on divestment in fossil fuels.

– Write to your superannuation fund. Ask them if your money is invested in fossil fuels. Tell them that you’re concerned that the value of your superannuation investment will collapse, and that fossil fuels are contributing to the destruction of life on earth.

– Write to your bank, asking them the same questions and the same concerns.

If you need some extra inspiration, listen to Paul Gilding’s response to the Doha outcome, and watch his TED talk.

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