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3 reasons to subscribe to the New Internationalist

How do you feel when a friend refers to asylum seekers as queue-jumpers? What is your response when a colleague denies the scientific evidence for climate change? What do you think when you read an article claiming that human rights are a luxury we can't afford in an age of terrorism? If you feel these are important issues, then we have the magazine for you. Here are 3 reasons why you should subscribe.

1. Independent media relies on subscribers

In modern media you basically get two choices. Either you can have mainstream media that is funded by major corporate advertising, or you can have independent media that is funded by its subscribers. Which do you think is more likely to provide balanced analysis and reporting, untainted by the profit agenda of big business? If you believe in the importance of independent media, then it's equally important to support it with your subscription.

2. Things that really matter vs news trivia

Have you noticed the dumbing-down of mainstream media? How often do you see corporate press releases served up as news reports? How many pages are mostly trivia - transient political point-scoring and personality sleaze? The New Internationalist magazine examines the topics that really matter: climate change, climate justice and environmental sustainability; economics and the politics of world poverty; human rights, Indigenous peoples and gender; resistance to globalization and corporate social responsibility.

3. You might as well have the best

But you don't need to take our word for it that the New Internationalist magazine deserves your support. On eight occasions the magazine has won the annual Independent Press Award for Best International Coverage. So why not join thousands of New Internationalist readers around the world who look forward to reading the next myth-busting issue.

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Why support the New Internationalist?

Why support the New Internationalist?

At New Internationalist we believe that equality improves life in every way, and that when people come together to confront injustice - be it social, environmental or economic - wonderful things can happen. New Internationalist is part of a global movement, forging ties and framing the arguments for genuine change.

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New Internationalist magazine subscriptions

New Internationalist magazine subscriptions

Think of any of the great global issues that confront us: the arms trade, terrorism, globalisation, poverty, climate change ... Where do you turn for an analysis that isn't tainted by Big Money or Big Politics? There's no better place than the New Internationalist magazine for an informed and independent view. The New Internationalist magazine is available in digital + print bundle subscriptions, digital-only and print-only.

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