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SOS Alternatives to Capitalism - eBook

An investigation by Richard Swift

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Financial collapse and crisis; disgust at bankers' greed; the devastating effects of yawning inequality: all these and more have led to widespread dissatisfaction and disenchantment with capitalism. People are crying out for an alternative but are continually told that one does not exist.

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Richard Swift proves this to be wrong with style and assurance. With capitalism vulnerable and out-of-step in the wake of financial crises this book investigates the alternatives that are on offer - including socialism, social democracy, anarchism, ecology and degrowth. Combining the practical with the visionary, he shows that finding alternatives to capitalism is no longer an academic issue for the left - it is an urgent planetary necessity.

About the Author

Richard Swift is a former editor of New Internationalist magazine and author of the No-Nonsense Guide to Democracy. In 2011 he won the Daniel Singer Millenium Prize for an original essay which helps further socialist ideas.

You can listen to an in-depth interview with Richard Swift on Against the Grain Radio.

In this excerpt from SOS Alternatives to Capitalism on OpenDemocracy NET Richard Swift voices his views on how recasting our relationships to the commons should take pride of place as we build alternatives to capitalism.

ISBN / Barcode: 9781780261713

Product features
  • Practical yet visionary discussion by author of the No Nonsense Guide to Democracy
  • Read it on your computer or mobile device
  • 208 pages

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Commendably judicious ... joins a growing strand of 21st-century literature that explores radically different ways of organizing our economy and politics.

Cy Gonick, founder and long-time editor of Canadian Dimension magazine

A genuine invitation to both dream and recover from a nightmare.

Federico Demaria, Research & Degrowth

I came away from S.O.S. with the comforting sense that there was an enjoyable world before capitalism and there can be one after.

Barbara Garson, playwright and author of Down the Up escalator: How the 99% live

... makes a major contribution to changing the parameters of political debate. It helps us move beyond the pseudo-alternatives of the political mainstream and begin to work for the kind of change we can believe in without being delusional.

John P Clark, Professor of Philosophy; Loyola

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