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Song Bell Chime

Made from Recycled Brass, Copper and Iron

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Rustic and charming set of three bells made from recycled brass and copper on an iron hanger. Attached to a strong adjustable cord with decorative beads, you could hang them outside to chime in the wind, decorate indoors or use on the porch as a distinctive doorbell.

Our bells are made by a Muslim community in the north-west of India, where both men and women are involved in creating the bells from recycled "lifeless" metal using craftsmanship passed down through generations. The bells are traditionally used by farmers to identify their livestock, but due to consecutive droughts over the decades, cattle breeders could no longer afford to buy bells on a regular basis and the art of traditional bell making was on the verge of being forgotten. Nowadays, with the help of Fair Trade Organisations, hundreds of men and women are revitalising this art form, earning sustainable livelihoods by selling the bells internationally.

Product features
  • Beautiful tone
  • Traditional craft, bells were used for identifying livestock in the past
  • Contemporary design
  • 8 x 5 cm dia bells.
  • Total height 35 cm plus cord.

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