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Question Time Board Game

The backstabbing, stuffups, rorting and scandals of Australian politics

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QuestionTime! is a game sure to fill the long cold winter weekends or lazy summer afternoons with the warmth and joy of good food, wine, old friends ... and a mighty Filibuster! Buckle up for a bumpy ride with backstabbing, rorting, stuffups and scandals, branchstacking, double dissolutions, cross-benchers, hostile Senate and allegations of snouts in the trough!

The board resembles the House of Reps in the Australian Parliament

The object of the game is to present three Acts to the Parliament from the Frontbench (or Ministry). The first player or team to present three Acts to the Parliament is the winner. An Act of Parliament in the game consists of three Bill Cards of the same portfolio. For example, three Environment Bill Cards equals one Environment Act; three Treasury Bill Cards equals one Treasury Act etc. The board resembles the House of Reps in the Australian Parliament, and is divided into the Backbenches and the Frontbench. A dice and the Spin Doctor are used to move players around the board.

You don't need to be an expert in Australian politics

You don't need to be an expert in Australian politics or political history to win. Timing, strategy, luck and rat cunning can be employed to outmanoeuvre opponents and win the game. There are two levels of questions - Star Recruit and Questions Without Notice, the latter generally multiple choice. (Sample question: "Who said "I wish I'd never been to bloody Memphis"?"). There are also Strategy Cards, like the No Confidence Motion, Factional Deal, Point of Order and - the ultimate - the Rat Card, that can alter the fortunes of players from high flying MPs to vanquished has-beens or from underdog to top dog.

Easy-to-use rule book

The rule book is set out to be an easy reference for players as the game proceeds. Of course, rules are made to be broken so you can deviate if you wish, just as long as you can persuade all players to agree any rule changes.

Play the board game over a long evening, or choose the snappy option

In the tradition of old-time board games, QuestionTime! has been designed to be played over an entire afternoon or evening with plenty of good food and drink. If, however, you want a quicker game we suggest the first person to pass one Act of Parliament wins the game. And you can get the kids involved - let them use an electronic device to search the web for answers - but the clock's ticking - they only get 90 seconds.

Choose your own cartoon politician

This second edition of the game includes new playing figures - Members of Parliament, illustrated by one of Australia's favourite cartoonists, Jenny Coopes. So you can now choose who to represent you, along with colours to represent you or your team.

Perfect for anyone who follows Australian politics

This game of politics, intrigue and rat cunning is probably the best Australian game since Squatter, and perfect for anyone who follows Australian politics. It's been described as a cross between Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly, and if you enjoyed "War on Terror the BoardGame", (which we offered some years ago but which is sadly no longer in production), you'll certainly love the irreverence in this one.

A great educational tool

As well as being fun though, Question Time! is a great educational tool and introduction to parliamentary politics. That's what it was invented for. Co-creator Tess Shannon was tutoring in politics at Sydney University when she came up with the game as a tool for her students. Senator John Faulkner received a prototype as a 50th birthday present and suggested a commercial release. A decade later its Second Edition is ready for folks like you and our co-op members who've never been a Federal Senator to test our skills and wiles on the floor of the house.

Product features
  • Great fun, and educational to boot
  • Knowledge of Oz politics not required
  • Game duration 90-120 mins, but shorter version possible
  • Includes comprehensive easy-to-use rule book
  • Not for children under 3 yrs (choking hazard
  • 2 or more players, ages 15+

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Your game is fantastic and would be an asset to any school. As a primary school library officer I'll be putting this on 2014's wish list.

Doris P., Quinns Rocks WA

There is an educational element to this game of question and answer in all matters political, ranging from Australia's very first parliament to the current day. The opportunity to increase the degree of difficulty of the questions by nominating oneself as a Star Recruit is recommended only for the supremely confident: the calibre of the standard questions is challenging enough.

If you have a loved one who likes the sound of their own voice, welcomes the opportunity to hear it and knows everything, Question Time! could just be the ideal Christmas gift. And think of the hours of fun ahead around the holiday house kitchen table while they prove it. Or not...

Elizabeth Quinn, Weekend Notes, 8 Dec 2013

OK. the game is a winner... we played for an hour and a half and ran out of time... only just made it to the front bench. we had great fun with the questions and multiple choice made it easier... we helped the kids, and explained the answers (the ones we knew) which always led to lengthy discussion... The 1 min speech was the kids favourite. Kids love that stuff - a bit like a verbal version of the game Baulderdash. We will need to set up a full afternoon, our appetite is wet, the bell's are ringing we need to backstab our way to glory!!!

Peter B., Gold Coast Player

I gave QT to my friends O and P for Xmas. A couple of days ago we took it for a spin - and had a riotously, rollicking good time. We jumped right in using the quick method but next time we are going to read up more so we can develop our tactics. We are in awe of your brilliance, knowledge and wit - and loved also the beautiful presentation by the talented Ms Coopes. So take a bow - your hard work and persistence has produced a gem.

M.A.O.L, Woollahra, NSW

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