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Finger flicking fun for nearly everyone

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Inspired by a traditional French game known as Table a l'elastique or Passe Trappe, Pucket is a riotous, addictive and thoroughly enjoyable game for all ages.

It's very difficult to do justice to this madcap new board game in words. Basically, players race each other to clear the pucks from their side of the board by catapulting them through a small hole leading to the other side (the "gate"). Any pucks that arrive on your side must be sent back before you win. But that sounds pretty dry, so perhaps just watch this short video to see what fun it really is.

The French game was made from wood with cat gut for the elastic, which had to be kept moist during gameplay to stop it turning limp. The game is still played in France by traditional games enthusiasts. Pucket is hand-crafted from sheesham and mango wood by an Indian Fair Trade producer.

Pucket Mk II has a 52 cm long by 35 cm wide felt-based board, complete with a cotton bag for the pucks, pegs to adjust tension on the elastic, and instructions.

How to play

1. Find an opponent.

2. Start with eight pucks (the wooden discs) each side of the board.

3. Shout "GO" and then use the elastic to fire pucks through the gate until there are no more pucks on your side.

To clarify

Don't take it in turns - just reload and fire as fast as you possibly can.

If a puck flies off the board, the player who sent it must retrieve it.

You're not allowed to push pucks forwards with your hand, but you can move pucks to the side of the board to clear space if required.

Jeering and shouting at your opponent are allowed.

NOTE: Due to volume and weight of the package, this product is only available for delivery by regular post within Australia. It is not available for Express Post, nor for overseas orders.

Product features
  • Great party fun
  • 2 players
  • Playing instructions, tightening pegs for elastic and cotton storage bag for pucks included
  • Sturdy construction
  • Now with felt base to protect your table from scratching
  • 52 x 35 cm
  • Suitable for all ages

Asha Handicrafts

About the Producer

Asha Handicrafts

Asha Handicrafts provides the security of markets to small scale artisan workshops around India, like Anil Gala's stainless steel workshop in Mumbai.



Buy of the day does love a bit of clean healthy fun, what ho chaps! We therefore have fallen in love with this great new game!

Life and Style - The Guardian

Don't even think about blinking when you play Pucket, it's all mind over matter ... In fact you better make sure you cleared your bladder before starting, because it's either that or wet your pants.


Those not wanting too many complicated rules should try Pucket .... Expect much raucousness and fierce competition.

Daisy Bridgewater - The Daily Telegraph - The best games to play with the family at Christmas

Pucket - a sort of riotious elasticated backgammon ... Hands down the most addictive game to hit the market in years.

The Times Newspaper - Easter feature: The 10 things you should do with your children

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