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PODIE was established in 1985 in Negombo, and buys directly from producers on Sri Lanka's west coast, exporting their products directly to fair traders around the world.

PODIE works with 14 groups which involve approximately 1500 people. Three of these groups are women's groups that are mainly involved in producing packing materials. Ten are farming groups which produce a range of spices, and one is the group of employees that carry out the processing on PODIE's premises.

By eliminating several links in the traditional trading chain, PODIE is able to both pay farmers more income for their spices (25% to 40% above market rates) which is used to provide education, sanitation, housing and basic health care for families, and also to fund other services which together also help to raise the living standards of its members.

Benefits provided by PODIE

For Staff (processing and management):

Light meals at breaks/snacks
Medical bills paid
15% on top of basic salary for savings
Workmans compensation insurance
Higher than minimum wages
Annual medical checkup
Annual staff picnic
An annual bonus and gift

For Farmers groups:

Higher than market prices
Capacity building programmes
Minimum one or two trainings per group per year
Good manufacturing knowledge
Positive thinking
Quality processing
Bio dynamic farming
Organic seeds for crops
Replanting projects with subsidies on vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon plants to encourage farmers to replant and increase their yields
Spray tanks for sprays for natural pesticides and fertilizers
Compost mixture
Rock phosphate and dolomite to control bacteria when making compost

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About the Producer
  • Located in Sri Lanka
  • Provides direct links between farmers and fair traders around the world
  • Pays farmers 25% - 40% above market rates for their produce, and provides many other social and business benefits


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Thanks for your prompt response to my email. It is very refreshing to find a company that is so efficient and caring! I am sure I will be dealing with you again.

Wendy, Blackbutt, QLD

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