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Why buy organic?

Maybe a better question is "Why not buy organic?" Would you really rather purchase goods that have been produced at great expense to people and planet? Here are three good reasons to support people who are putting in the hard work to nurture the earth that sustains our lives.

1. Good for your own health

The pesticides and herbicides that are used in mainstream production can lead to allergies and even cancers. What's more, pesticides can end up in the food chain, even if they were originally used on non-food crops such as cotton. By purchasing organic and wild-harvested products, you support a better, cleaner alternative that helps preserve biodiversity.

2. Think of the farm workers

The World Health Organization estimates that globally at least three million people are poisoned by pesticides every year, and more than 200,000 die, many of them farm workers. Pesticides and herbicides are expensive too, so many poor farming families are driven deeper into debt and despair.

3. Think small; don't support big business

Organic farming is most often carried out on a small scale on family farms and cooperatives. They care deeply about their land, the soil, preserving water quality and biodiversity. It generates employment and offers a planet-friendly alternative to mega-agribusiness. Who would you rather support?

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Why support the New Internationalist?

Why support the New Internationalist?

At New Internationalist we believe that equality improves life in every way, and that when people come together to confront injustice - be it social, environmental or economic - wonderful things can happen. New Internationalist is part of a global movement, forging ties and framing the arguments for genuine change.

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New Internationalist magazine subscriptions

New Internationalist magazine subscriptions

Think of any of the great global issues that confront us: the arms trade, terrorism, globalisation, poverty, climate change ... Where do you turn for an analysis that isn't tainted by Big Money or Big Politics? There's no better place than the New Internationalist magazine for an informed and independent view. The New Internationalist magazine is available in digital + print bundle subscriptions, digital-only and print-only.

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