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NI One World Calendar 2018

A visual expression of our shared humanity

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Each year, the One World Calendar Group collaborates to produce this best-selling calendar, portraying visually stunning, positive and inspiring images of people around the world. The photographs are taken by some of the world's leading photographers, and increasingly by photographers from the Majority World. The theme for 2018 is 'Trade'.

The calendar is designed to give you a choice of two display formats: you can hang the calendar in 'open' format, displaying photograph, accompanying text and monthly appointments. Or you can hang it in 'closed' format, displaying just the photograph and dates in striking isolation.

A best-seller for over 20 years, this large format wall calendar is a collaboration between New Internationalist and a consortium of aid agencies worldwide, which benefit from the sales. Each photograph is accompanied by thoroughly researched text giving background information and context to the subject.

560 x 280 mm when closed, 560 x 560 mm when open, spiral bound, month to view, 2 hangers.

Special Offer Order any combination of 3 One World Calendars or Almanacs to the same address and we will send you a FREE PACK OF 10 NI CARDS

Printed on FSC paper by a printer holding environmental accreditation ISO 140014

ISBN / Barcode: 9781780263786

Product features
  • Exquisite photos from around the world
  • Spiral bound, dual purpose layout
  • An insight into the lives of people in other cultures
  • Unique, large landscape format presents the photographs to striking effect on your wall
  • 560 x 280 mm, when folded
  • 2 hangers

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About the New Internationalist

Do you share our goals?

The New Internationalist brings to life the people, the ideas and the action in the fight for global justice.



New Internationalist One World Calendars are the best... The photography is excellent. The subject matter is fascinating. They inspire and comfort and challenge me all year round, and I've had one each year for over ten years.

Amazon 5-Star Customer Review

I fell in love with the One World Calendar many years ago, and I started to buy one as part of my husband's Christmas present every year. The photographs are beautiful - it is almost painful to turn over the page at the beginning of the next month - and you feel compelled to read the notes about each and every photograph. This year there is an appointments page for each month as well. I now buy calendars for each of our adult children and for my sister and sister-in-law, as well as for my husband.

Amazon 5-Star Customer Review

As always the One World Calendar comes with a superb set of the world's best photographs - and it's all in a good cause too!

Amazon 5-Star Customer Review

The One World Calendar has, as always, the most beautiful photos from across the world. But they've made it even better by formatting the dates so you can now write appointments, birthdays, etc into the days of the month (if you can bear to deface your beautiful calendar that is).

Amazon 5-Star Customer Review

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Do you share our goals?

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New Internationalist supports Fair Trade producers like Do you share our goals?. Fair Trade promotes a fair wage and fair working conditions, encouraging developing world producers to help themselves.

A little about Do you share our goals?: The New Internationalist brings to life the people, the ideas and the action in the fight for global justice.

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World Fair Trade Organization

World Fair Trade Organization

New Internationalist Australia is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, which means we have to stock a percentage of Fair Trade products, and also adhere to Fair Trade practices ourselves. Great for supporting producers rights, and also for our staff.

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