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No-No Guide to Climate Change - eBook

Mapping out a path forward

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The No-Nonsense Guide to Climate Change introduces the science of climate change, illustrates the available solutions and maps out a path forward.

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The original 144 page paperback version is available here.

In her Foreword, Nicola Bullard (Focus on the Global South, Bangkok, Thailand) writes:
Most books on climate change focus on the science, usually getting so caught up in the complexities and catastrophes that they lose sight of the fact that climate change is the result of economic and energy systems based in societies, politics and power.

</p><h4>Powerfully argues for climate justice over expediency</h4><p>
In this small book, Danny Chivers goes beyond the scary stuff and gets to grips with some big and complex ideas about climate change, science, economics, power, politics and history. In fact, he pins them down and makes them squirm, using wit, outrageous metaphors, lots of numbers and good, plain language. What's more, he does it wearing his heart on his sleeve, unashamedly arguing for justice over expediency, and with an optimist's eye, showing us the many ways in which life could actually be better for almost everyone if we do the right thing.

</p><h4>Endless consumption is not the same as happiness</h4><p>
Many of the ideas and analyses that Danny rattles through at a clipping pace are known - at least at an intuitive level - to most climate justice activists: that economic growth based on the destruction of forests, land, rivers and ecosystems is a catastrophe for people and the planet; that corporate greed and entrenched power are major obstacles to action to halt climate change; that false ideas of progress founded on the endless consumption and production of 'stuff' is not the same as happiness and living well.

Fishers and farmers facing the Titans of agribusiness, communities ousted by mining companies, and indigenous peoples whose forests have been destroyed by logging and palm-oil plantations: all of these need no convincing that the system is broken and needs fixing.

But what Danny is trying to do - and in this I sincerely hope he succeeds for the sake of us all - is to convince comfortable consumers in the North that we have nothing to lose but our chains, so to speak. He challenges us to re-imagine the meaning of life without a 56-inch plasma television screen and a private car. He knows, though, that it's more than just a question of composting and bicycles: in the poem 'Lifestyle Choice' he amusingly mocks those who believe that cotton shopping bags and low-energy light bulbs can do the trick. What if, he asks
...the abolitionists, instead of fighting slavery,
Just stayed at home and put a bit less sugar in their tea.

</p><h4>We need a diverse and radical movement for climate justice</h4><p></html>
The urgent message of this book is not the gathering science showing that things are much worse than we thought (even though that's pretty scary) but the compelling argument that the only way we're going to get out of the fine mess we are in, is by building a vast, diverse and radical movement for climate justice, joining together frontline communities in the North and in the South to change the system. And, to change the system, we have to start by turning off the fossil-fuel tap. As Danny says:

All the renewable technology in the world won't help us if we're still digging up fossil fuels and ripping down the rainforests. We need to tackle both ends of this problem, and find ways to keep the oil in the soil, the coal in the hole, the gas in the crevasse and the trees - er - swaying gently in the breeze.

In this small, excellent book, we have plenty of ammunition to take on the corporate lobbyists, the climate deniers, the carbon traders and the nay-sayers.

Diagrams, charts and graphs used throughout to illustrate key information.

About the author
Danny Chivers is an environmental writer, researcher, professional carbon footprint analyst, activist and performance poet. He holds a BSc in Environmental Biology, an MSc in Nature, Science and Environmental Policy and an MProf in Leadership for Sustainable Development. He has carried out studies into the climate impact of electrical product manufacture, agriculture, food processing, international development NGOs, local authority carbon monitoring, retailers, offices and the UK government. Most recently, he has created an interactive emissions model of the UK economy for The Guardian website, co-founded 'Cyc du Soleil' (Britain's first mobile solar-and-cycle-powered performance stage), taken part in the Climate Camps at Heathrow, Kingsnorth and central London, and reached the semi-finals of the BBC Radio 4 National Poetry Slam.

This eBook is a digital version of the 2010 Paperback, which had an ISBN of 9781906523855.

ISBN / Barcode: 9781780260280

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  • Meets the skeptics head on
  • 'When people say things like "Is there a book that y'know, just covers everything and explains it all clearly" I recommend this book.' Alex Randall, amazon.com
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