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The Global Vegetarian Kitchen starts from where you are, whether you only have a windowbox with some herbs, or an allotment, yard or other space to grow things. There are recipes for dishes you can make from your own garden, as well as popular foods from all parts of the world.

NOTE: This is a download for eBook readers (industry standard ePub format). It is NOT a printed book. It is suitable for reading on computers, mobile devices, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. If you don't have an eBook reader for your computer, the Adobe Digital Editions reader works well and is available for free download at www.adobe.com For iPhones, iPad and iPod Touch we recommend the Apple iBooks App.

With an emphasis on simplicity and versatility, you'll find it easy to start local and think seasonal when finding ingredients - it's amazing what you can do when you take inspiration from a recipe and not get hung up about making everything exactly right. So stock up your spice rack and take your tastebuds travelling.

A selection of dishes:
- Lentil Moussaka (Turkey)
- Nasi goreng fried rice (Indonesia)
- Mexican-style vegetarian burritos
- Bean bredie/stew (South Africa)
- Thai tom ka-gai soup (Thailand)
- Eggs Piperade (France)
- Orzotto, barley risotto (Italy)
- Bibimbap, a classic Korean dish
- Empanada Pastries (Paraguay)
- Papaya dessert (Brazil)

This is an extensive eBook packed with mouth-watering colour photographs of over one hundred recipes from Africa to Asia; from Europe to Latin America. The original 256 page hardback version is available here.

It includes an index by global region, featuring vegetarian:
- Starters
- Main dishes
- Salads, side dishes and sauces
- Deserts, drinks and cakes

There's also an index by ingredient; very useful if all you have left in the kitchen is some spinach, ginger and your iPad.

About the Author: Troth Wells joined New Internationalist in 1972. She is the author of several other cookbooks, most recently the best-selling World of Street Food.

Extent: over 100 recipes. Colour photo for each recipe.

ISBN / Barcode: 9781906523381

Product features
  • A collection of fabulous recipes
  • A most delightful element of this book is the short and sweet family and historic story behind each recipe

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Do you share our goals?

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... delivers a life-enhancing message in the form of promoting caring, responsible vegetarian and vegan cooking. Needless to say, it is cuisine that is fresh, appetizing, and zesty, with international influences... a culinary indulgence whose time is now.

Midwest Book Review, December 2010

The Global Vegetarian Kitchen by Troth Wells is a collection of fabulous recipes, many of which have been passed down generations, from across the globe. Brandishing the motto, Cook Global, Source Local, Wells had put together a fantastic four-chapter cookery book: Starters, Soups And Snacks, Main Dishes, Salads, Side Dishes And Sauces and Dessert, Drinks And Cakes. With a growing interest in vegetarianism and veganism, this book is a one-stop shop for all your gastronomic needs. The recipes, of which there are more than 100, are juxtaposed with colourful photographs, proving that there is more to eating than meat. The most delightful element of this book, however, is the short and sweet family and historic storiy behind each recipe. No matter your cuisine of preference there will be something from one of the continents to get your taste buds tingling.

Charlotte Jones, Glam Magazine

This is quite possibly my favourite cookery book to hit the shelves this year.

Charlotte's Vveb

Thank you for a wonderful magazine.

A. Hamilton, subscriber, Tasmania.

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