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Foldable Cotton Shopping Bag

Seven Sisters Tjukurpa - by Nellie Patterson

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A beautiful and very practical shopping bag featuring artwork by Nellie Patterson, hand screen printed on top quality cotton using water based inks. Made by Better World Arts, an Adelaide-based cross-cultural arts project that supports Aboriginal artists through royalties and a share of profits.

Coles and Woolworths have recently announced they will phase out single-use plastic bags over the next year, (hopefully followed soon after by nation-wide bans). Convenient, multi-use shopping bags that fold to a compact size like these are the way of the future, so why not stock up now?

The Story of the Artwork

'Seven Sisters Tjukurpa' by Nellie Patterson. The Seven Sisters Story is an epic Tjukurpa (creation story) in which a man, Wati Nyiru chases seven sisters across the whole of Australia, shaping the land as they went. The sisters started in Whyalla. Wati Nyiru chased them down to Port Augusta and wouldn't leave the sisters alone. He wanted to marry the big sister. The sisters left in the middle of the night to try and get away from him while he was sleeping. When Wati Nyiru woke, he wondered where the sisters had gone, but he soon was on their trail again, and found them near Canberra. The eldest sister was worried - she knew he was there again, watching the sisters while they camped. Nelly explains that Wati Nyiru was a 'mad one,' he knew they were scared, but he still followed them, and got very close to the sisters. The eldest sister was secretly signalling to the sisters that he was nearby, so as to not let Wati Nyiru know she was aware he was there. Wati Nyiru was singing about how much he wanted the big sister, and did too much dancing, and the sisters ran away. He loved all the girls. The girls kept running. This painting depicts some of the places where the sisters camped.

The central significance of the Seven Sisters Story is is underlined by it being chosen as the first in the series of breakthrough Songlines exhibitions at the National Museum of Australia.

Note each bag features unique detail from the large painting, so images vary.

Product features
  • Sturdy construction using top quality cotton
  • Fabulous design
  • Generously sized for shopping, but compact to carry around
  • Excellent alternative for single-use plastic bags being phased out
  • 40 x 34 x 7 cm
  • Folds and clips to a compact flat 19 x 14 cm

Better World Arts

About the Producer

Better World Arts

Better World Arts produces and sources high quality art and handicrafts using the traditional skills of artists and craftspeople.



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