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Jinta Fairtrade Football

Give child labour the boot!

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'Jinta' Footballs are 32-panel size five quality training balls, with balanced latex bladders, and are fully compliant with FIFA international ball standards. 'Jinta' is the only sports ball range that's certified 'child labour free', as well as providing a living wage for its workers and helping their communities.

The Fair Trade premium on our balls is used to provide better than average wages plus additional health and educational benefits to the workers and their families. Furthermore the purchase of our sports balls helps fund a micro-credit program in regional Pakistan which to date has helped create more than 300 new small businesses.

The Jinta Training football is ideal for aspiring young players, for training and recreation. It is hand stitched from quality shine polyurethane, designed to minimise wear and endure the toughest kicking! A great combination of a quality and affordability. Synthetic leather and a latex bladder give this ball great bounce and shape.

Jinta is a Warlpiri word meaning "winner" or "number 1". The purchase of all Jinta balls also helps fund sports programs for kids on remote communities in Central Australia through the Mt Theo Program, based in the Northern Territory. This very successful youth diversion program has helped hundreds of children on a number of Aboriginal communities receive sporting equipment and participate in regular sports carnivals.

Product features
  • Premium Polyurethane Cover
  • Butyl Bladder
  • PVC Free

Jinta Sportballs

About the Producer

Jinta Sportballs

Our sports balls provide a living wage for the stitchers, they're child labour free, and they support remote Aboriginal kids here at home.



I can honestly say that the 'training' balls we purchased in February this year are not only still intact, but also show none of the tell-tale signs of their inferior competitors.

James "Shredder" Nicholas, Montrose Soccer Club, VIC

They're first rate... a good, solid, all round ball with superior deflation resistance.

Wim Rosloot, from the Melchester Rovers in NZ, the first team on this side of the world to exclusively use Fairtrade footballs for training and match play.

if you've ever wrinkled a brow, wondering if your purchase of a sports ball was depriving a child of their education, now you know where to head next time a ball fetish comes over you.

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