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Do you share our enthusiasm for Fair Trade?

We'd like to share with you a few of the reasons we're so enthusiastic about our Fair Trade partnerships, and why we're eager to have your ongoing support. We're doing all we can to build positive Fair Trade relationships with producer groups in Australia and around the world. But without your custom, the lifeline of hope is broken. Here are 3 reasons why your support is important.

1. Aid through trade is best

Handouts to impoverished communities can become "sit-down money" that stifles initiative and self-help. But a trading relationship encourages self-reliance. Fair Trade takes it a step further by guaranteeing a fair price for producers. Your purchase of Fair Trade items helps ensure craft skills are handed on to the next generation.

2. Loosen the grip of the multinationals

Every dollar spent with a Fair Trade Organization (FTO) instead of a mega-corporation helps bring power back into the hands of people who need it most. New Internationalist is a registered FTO, and we give top priority to selecting goods for you that are produced by FTOs around the world.

3. Eco-friendly and child-friendly

Sustainable production is a high priority for Fair Trade Organizations; care for the local environment is just one of ten standards that FTOs have to comply with. FTOs are also required to meet international standards on child labour and forced labour. You can read more about Fair Trade here.

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Why support the New Internationalist?

Why support the New Internationalist?

At New Internationalist we believe that equality improves life in every way, and that when people come together to confront injustice - be it social, environmental or economic - wonderful things can happen. New Internationalist is part of a global movement, forging ties and framing the arguments for genuine change.

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New Internationalist magazine subscriptions

Think of any of the great global issues that confront us: the arms trade, terrorism, globalisation, poverty, climate change ... Where do you turn for an analysis that isn't tainted by Big Money or Big Politics? There's no better place than the New Internationalist magazine for an informed and independent view. The New Internationalist magazine is available in digital + print bundle subscriptions, digital-only and print-only.

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