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Bamboo Environmental Hair Brush -   (Click to enlarge)

Bamboo Environmental Hair Brush

From $8.40
Palam Fair Trade Soap - Buy one of each and save 20%  (Click to enlarge)

Palam Fair Trade Soap

From $4.00
Bamboo Toothbrush - Buy a box of 12 for the family and save $8  (Click to enlarge)

Bamboo Toothbrush

From $4.00

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Sugar, spice and all things nice

Why buy from New Internationalist?

New Internationalist supports Fair Trade producers like Sugar, spice and all things nice. Fair Trade promotes a fair wage and fair working conditions, encouraging developing world producers to help themselves.

A little about Sugar, spice and all things nice: Our chocolates are made with Dominican Republic cocoa, Paraguayan cane sugar, Sri Lankan spices and Palestinian nuts, all from small scale farmers.

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World Fair Trade Organization

World Fair Trade Organization

New Internationalist Australia is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, which means we have to stock a percentage of Fair Trade products, and also adhere to Fair Trade practices ourselves. Great for supporting producers rights, and also for our staff.

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