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Arno Peters DVD

Radical Map, Remarkable Man - how the Peters World Map came into being

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A fascinating 30 minute documentary exploring the history of how the Peters Equal Area World Map came into being. Includes scenes from The West Wing TV show that featured the map as well as cartographic critiques that show the tension and conflict that the Peters map generated amongst the cartographic establishment. Loaded with hours of bonus features, including:

- Over 25 video resources including: Peters outtakes, origins of the Peters Map, 7 movie trailers and 13 PSAs based on the United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights
- Print Resources: Peters Map Explanation, journal articles, Arno Peters Tribute, reactions to the Peters Map, State of the Village Report, The Politics of Maps, Why it takes more than one map to see the world
- 150+ PowerPoint images for your use in the classroom including: images from Radical Map, Remarkable Man, Arno Peters Biography, Seeing Through Maps, Peters' Presentation Package, Thinking About Our World, The Politics of Maps, Media Literacy Modules
- Ten MP3 Audio files: How maps impact our perceptions of environmental issues, The World Population Map, plus 8 Social-Justice-related radio shows
- Plus lesson plans & web links

Arno Peters: Radical Map, Remarkable Man was produced, shot and directed by Brookline, MA videographer Ruth Abrams. A collaborative project with her map-publisher son, Bob Abrams, this fascinating 30-minute documentary explores the history of how the Peters Equal Area World Map came into being.

The project took six years for Bob and Ruth to complete. It was filmed on-location at Dr. Peters' home in Bremen, Germany, as well as in Oxford, England, and a variety of locations in the USA. The film contains the only English-language interviews ever conducted with Arno Peters, who died in 2002, fifteen months after these interviews were filmed. The Peters World Map was a radical map, and as this film shows, Arno Peters was truly a remarkable man. His impact will be felt for generations to come.

A fascinating DVD that will become an invaluable resource for teaching about maps and map-making in Geography and Social Sciences at high school.

ISBN / Barcode: 856000001093

Product features
  • Maps are unavoidably political. This map shows "Fairness to All Peoples" by providing an area accurate portrayal of the world
  • A fantastic resource that covers a variety of social justice issues
  • Great classroom resource

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ODT Incorporated

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A concerned mother, Daniella of Ontario, Canada, ordered maps for a school project for her son, Isaac. Later, Daniella emailed "After his presentation, Isaac organized a debate where students debated which map was the best or most representative of the real world... Isaac said that the best part of the project for him was sharing information that very few people new about (including adults!)."

Bob Abramms - ODT Maps - author of Many Ways to See the World

Selected for the Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival (August, 2008; Houston, Texas) showcasing films that educate and enlighten, as well as offer hope, encouragement and inspiration to contribute towards the betterment of society.

This DVD on the legendary Peters Map was an eye-opener, graphically imaginative and instructive. It made me want to get back into the classroom.

Norman Feingold, retired teacher (high school history in New York City)
& former principal (Saddle Brook, NJ & Long Island, NY)

Very enlightening. I don't think I will ever look at a map the same way again.

Tracie Morrow, Youth for Human Rights, youthforhumanrights.org

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