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What is Advocacy?

At any time, thousands of individuals, NGOs and non profit organisations participate in and influence decision-making at all levels of government. A core component of our democratic society is the right to advocate for change on behalf of someone or an issue that promotes a just society - a fair society for all people.

Advocacy groups

Each edition of the NI magazine provides an in-depth analysis of issues of world poverty and inequality and offers an alternative viewpoint to mainstream media. It provides links to advocacy groups. It supports lobbying initiatives for social and environmental justice. It provides the information needed for effective campaigns for corporate social responsibility.

Materialism and Fairtrade

New Internationalist shares with the global Fair Trade movement a vision of the world in which global justice and sustainable development are at the heart of trade structures and practices. If you share that vision we'd be delighted if you would become an active supporter of our advocacy work.

Ethical gifts as consumer advocacy

New Internationalist offers a range of ethical gifts that deliver sustainable livelihoods to small producers in the poorest countries of the world. An ethical gift not only supports human dignity in the Majority World, it also makes a statement for consumer advocacy in our own society.

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Why support the New Internationalist?

Why support the New Internationalist?

At New Internationalist we believe that equality improves life in every way, and that when people come together to confront injustice - be it social, environmental or economic - wonderful things can happen. New Internationalist is part of a global movement, forging ties and framing the arguments for genuine change.

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New Internationalist magazine subscriptions

New Internationalist magazine subscriptions

Think of any of the great global issues that confront us: the arms trade, terrorism, globalisation, poverty, climate change ... Where do you turn for an analysis that isn't tainted by Big Money or Big Politics? There's no better place than the New Internationalist magazine for an informed and independent view. The New Internationalist magazine is available in digital + print bundle subscriptions, digital-only and print-only.

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