4 thoughts on “Bollywood aprons made by Baladarshan workers from the slums

    • Hi Anne,
      Sorry, we probably won’t be getting these in again – they were very popular for a while there, but then sales dropped to a point that didn’t make it sustainable to bring them in.
      Best, NI.

  1. Hi Simon
    Can you tell me where I can buy the aprons & messenger bags in India please?
    I would like to import some of these products if you are no longer doing so.

    • Hi Mark, Thanks very much for your inquiry. All of our Bollywood products – aprons, messenger bags, wall hangings and bicycle panniers – were made by Baladarshan, a fair trade producer in India – http://www.baladarshan.com/ If it is wholesale quantities that you are interested in, you can contact them via their website. Cheers, Brian – for the New Internationalist Co-op

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