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Zero Carbon World

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In this landmark magazine we report on a global NGO network that has developed a vision for how all the world's energy can come from renewables by 2050.

NOTE: This completely free trial subscription will start with the special issue on a Zero Carbon World, plus you'll receive the following three issues free of charge, and there's no obligation to continue as a subscriber after that. Detailed scenarios have been prepared for Britain, Germany, France and the US. Similarly, A Zero Carbon Australia Plan shows that 100 per cent renewable energy is possible in the country by as soon as 2020. It's not a technical challenge; it's social and political.

Powering up to a zero carbon world

Can we make the transition to a fossil-free future? Jess Worth meets the people who say we can.

In search of Utopia

Communities across Europe are already living the alternatives, discover Isabelle Fremeaux and John Jordan.

Cutting the carbs

Danny Chivers sets out eight steps to a fossil-free future.

Back to the future

What will it be like to live in a zero carbon world? George Marshall encourages us to look to the past to find out.

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Argument on immigration

Issue #438 of the New Internationalist magazine also includes: Should nation-states open their borders to refugees and migrants? Audrey Macklin from the University of Toronto Law School debates with Bob Hughes of No-One Is Illegal.

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ISBN / Barcode: 9770305952014

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  • A good read on international affairs.
  • Independent analysis from not-for-profit cooperative.
  • Multi-award-winner for best international coverage.

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Do you share our goals?

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I began buying the New Internationalist magazine because it started to educate me on issues that I was interested in; globalization, fair trade, inequities, injustice ... it has huge authority and credibility and authenticity ...

Anita Roddick - Founder of The Body Shop

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A little about Do you share our goals?: The New Internationalist brings to life the people, the ideas and the action in the fight for global justice.

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