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Tradewinds Tea and Coffee is an Australian company set up by members of the World Development Tea Co-Operative, which has now ceased operating. All surpluses from Trade Winds trading is channelled back into community projects which will assist the maintenance of sustainable agriculture and the production infrastructure in the countries with which they trade.

Trade Winds offers an alternative to multinational commodity trading: it supports sustainable agriculture and sustainable development. This means encouraging small holders in developing countries by buying their products and by developing markets for them in Australia. They import value added products wherever possible so that the economic benefits remain in the producing countries.

They specialise in tea and coffee, and have significant expertise in organic products as a result of their commitment to sustainable development and agriculture over many years. They are a founding member of the Fair Trade Association and offer both Certified Fairtrade and Certified Organic products.

Tradewinds Teas

Tradewinds' Ceylon teas are all fairtrade certified and are sourced and blended for them by Stassen, using the same expert blends which have given their teas the exceptional reputation they've enjoyed for four decades. Stassens is a wholly Sri Lankan owned company, and has a long record of commitment to its employees' welfare, and to providing jobs, educational and social development opportunities and health care to people in rural areas.

About the Supplier
  • Located in Australia
  • All surpluses channelled back to community projects
  • Import value-added products (eg packaged in grower's contry) where possible
  • Committed to sustainable development and agriculture


I have subscribed to New Internationalist for over 25 years, and can vouch for its fearless, high quality reporting of the real issues all over the world. And lovely items in their shop, too!

S. Bond, 5-star Facebook review

Appreciate your attention to detail and as always regard NI as one of the best sources of info on social-welfare, justice and environmental issues on a global scale. Keeps it all in perspective, which becomes increasingly harder to do in the info-overload age!

L.Holme, New Internationalist reader

Thank you for a wonderful magazine.

A. Hamilton, subscriber, Tasmania.

The magazine is a secular publication. Readers, both Christian and non-Christian, may not always agree with all its conclusions. But it is an excellent catalyst for better informed thought and action. It pulls no punches yet at the same time is written with sensitivity and compassion ... could be of immense help in our becoming more globally aware and responsible citizens.

Gil Cann, editor, Working Together (published by the Australian Evangelical Alliance)

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New Internationalist supports Fair Trade producers like Global Mamas. Fair Trade promotes a fair wage and fair working conditions, encouraging developing world producers to help themselves.

A little about Global Mamas: Global Mamas is a Fair Trade cooperative in Ghana, West Africa, supporting the sustainable development of women artisans producing fair trade products

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World Fair Trade Organization

New Internationalist Australia is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, which means we have to stock a percentage of Fair Trade products, and also adhere to Fair Trade practices ourselves. Great for supporting producers rights, and also for our staff.

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