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TerrorBull Games was created when two insane minds met in Cambridge sometime in 2003. You can find them here, but...

...this is their manifesto:

We live in TerrorBull times. There are a million things to do and 999,989995 of them are watching TV; playing computer games; downloading films, music, chatting with virtual friends; evolving your alter-idEgo ... anything, as long as it fills the growing void of purposelessness. Everything's becoming more solitary. People are forgetting how to interact with each other. xx xxx x xxxxNo wot i meen?

OK, so an evening of Scrabble won't unite your estranged family. But how about if Scrabble involved __----back-stabbing and cheating? Then it would give you an excuse to SSHOUT at your family, to deceive them, to winWIN, gain the upper hand, watch them XXXbegsquirm. You'll all feel better for it. And the arguments will carry on after the game is safely packed away. At least you're talking to one another now...

Terror___-Bull Games are designing a new breed of game. We tackle the nastier stuff in life. Subjects that don't have an easy "right" or "wrong". Maybe they're subjects you naturally avoid? We want people to confront those subjects, interact, discuss, fight, laugh, win, lose and then do it all again because it was so much xxxxxx fun.

Maybe we should put a warning on our games: "playing this will get you Eexcited". If you're looking for a quiet evening, go elsewhere. Be alone. Safe. Isolated. But then, if you never get excited, why bother? Why even bother to get up and XXXXwash Fflight in the morning??!

Everything is a game

"You've got to be in it, to win it", "Team meeting", "Drop the ball", "Level playing field", "Team leader", "Ballpark figure", "Time out", "Huddle up"

All this BULLbulishlshit sports and games-speak in the workplace, down the pub, even on the battlefield... makes you wonder why everyone takes things so seriously.

So this is ______rule no.1 at TerrorBull Games: everything's game. World politics, environmental catastrophe, looking for your wallet. IT's all fun. It's all fair game. Why should anything be excluded from a game? Are some subjects so hallowed that we can only discuss them in hushed, respectful tones? We don't believe so. Being 'hushed' represses opinion, supresses discussion, interaction, shouting, anger, laughing. Natural human responses.

Here's _______rule no.6 (rules 2-5 are concerned with TBG office dress code): If you're expected to have a certain opinion purely because everyone else holds this opinion, it's probably __wrong - or at least worth ques?tioning. Worth talking about. Worth making a game about it. Pull it apart. Laugh at nonsense. Make it fun.

Just because the xxxmadMajority of people believe something to be true, doesn't mean it's right. People are insane. They're illogical. Unpredictable. Why believe many insAne people but not one? That's just ... insane.

Satire was funny once

What happened to our venerated tradition of satire? No one looks down upon Swift, Johnson, Pope, Dryden ... but for modern satire, it's a different story. People are afraid and xxxxxbored sick of politics. So making fun of political matters is, at best, terribly dull and worst, trying too hard - a big faux pas in a society where everyone likes to pretend they're not trying at all.

__________Rule no.18 - satire is in. Eating Irish babies. Terrorism. Whatever. If it makes you laugh and THINK at the same time, it's going to be a good game. If it upsets you, even better. Sometimes you can't imagine a different way of looking at things until you've had a shock. Ask any car crash survivor how they felt about driving before and after the crash.

Above all, however, it's funny and healthy to poke fun. Try it sometime.


Like Monty Python meets the game of Risk.

Foreign Policy Magazine

Somebody has gone too far.

Andrew Lansley - Conservative MP

The prosecutors of war deserve to have the living piss taken out of them - if only to stimulate debate and cut through some of the hypocrisy and self-righteous propaganda being spewed forth from all sides to subvert the dominant paradigms if you like. Games such as War on Terror are not making fun of the victims of the conflict. Rather they are a caricature of the farcical nature of the political environment which creates a breeding ground for such tragedy.

Paul Syvret, Courier Mail

It is part of my job working for the UK MOD to be on the look out for novel, insightful, informed and up-to-date simulations that could help in the training of British Soldiers for Contemporary Operations. We don't care where the ideas come from - they could be from the giant military-industrial Prime Contractors, or much smaller Wargaming and Simulation groups - all that matters is that they might help better prepare soldiers for operations.

I have looked at "The War on Terror" and can safely say that it is pretty useless for any sort of military training.

It is, however, a damn good game.

Major Tom Mouat MBE MSc psc ato sim
Joint Battlefield Training, Simulations and Synthetic Environments Integrated Project Team

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