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The technology gap: why we need a fairer and more social vision

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High-tech innovations generally don't have a positive impact on the lives of poor people.

The technology they most urgently need is often at the level of water hand-pumps, or evaporation-based cooling systems that don't depend on electricity, or halfway decent sanitation. Or clean-cook stoves to help the 2.9 billion people still cooking over open fires. And to change the horrible statistic of the resulting four million deaths every year from indoor air pollution.

Or take the multifunctional brick toilet units built in Nepal that are the brainchild of architect Paul Pholeros of Healthabitat: apart from providing sanitation (in structures that withstood the 2015 earthquake), they capture rainwater for hand-washing, make it easier to use human waste for biogas and bring communities together in their construction.

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Technology as if people mattered

This special edition of the New Internationalist magazine takes a special look at technology: appropriate, inappropriate, the excesses of the West, the deprivation of much of the rest.


Elsewhere in this issue we have coverage of the efforts to declare Ecocide a punishable crime against peace.


There's also a feature on the women fighters of Rojava in northern Syria: democrats and passionate idealists who show a different way is possible even in the direst circumstances.

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