No-No Guide to World Food

By Wayne Roberts

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  • Concise without being trite
  • Highly readable and witty
  • Traces over 60 years of food developments around the world
  • 110 x 180 mm, paperback
  • 140 pages

Anyone involved in the many positive and exciting food campaigns going on in the world today will be energized by this book.

Jeanette Longfield, Coordinator: "Sustain: The Alliance for Better Food & Farming, UK"

Every bit of our nutrition was once alive and we incorporate the fractured carcasses of plants and animals into our own bodies. What species do we consume, how and by whom were they reared and harvested, what was the ecological footprint of the food? Books like this get us started in our thinking and our actions.

Dr David Suzuki, Science broadcaster, host of globally-syndicated "The Nature of Things" since 1979.

Couldn't be more timely... Not only has the answers but, better yet, the questions to ask in a further, and richer, democratic debate about our food. It's a debate that Wayne Roberts' powerful book will prime us for.

Raj Patel, author of "Stuffed and Starved"

(The New Internationalist Magazine) maintains an easy lead as the most readable, interesting, controversial and informative magazine on questions of development

World Council of Churches


With spiralling prices and spreading social unrest this is a timely guide to the instability of industrialised food systems. Wayne Roberts traces the history of food production and consumption, and shows that in a system dominated by supermarkets and agri-business real food choices are becoming harder to make.

In this updated edition Wayne Roberts puts under the microscope a global food system that is under strain from climate change and from economic crises.

The book asks all the right questions, and provides some of the answers, in a plain-speaking debate. It shows how people and communities can take control from governments and corporations to organize themselves creatively and achieve "food sovereignty" - a balanced, just and sustainable food system.

Diagrams, charts and graphs used throughout to illustrate key information.

About the Author: Wayne Roberts is a leading North American writer, activist and practitioner in community food security. Author and columnist for NOW Magazine, he’s on the board of the Community Food Security Coalition and Food Secure Canada, and coordinates the Toronto Food Policy Council, the most respected city food group in the world.

ISBN / Barcode: 9781780261317

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