No-No Guide to Women's Rights

By Nikki van der Gaag

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  • A powerful punch against patriarchy
  • Hits on some of the most pertinent topics in feminism today
  • 110 x 180 mm, paperback
  • 144 pages

The No Nonsense Guide to Women’s Rights made me say ’YES!’ A wonderfully well-done job.

Mari Marcel Thekaekara, writer and activist, India

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Should feminism be consigned to history? Are women now equal to men? At first glance, it would seem that the battle
for women's rights has largely been won. More women are working, more girls are being educated, there are women in
politics, business, even the military.

But beneath the surface there is another, disturbing reality. Women still make up 70 per cent of the world's poor. More than
half a million die unnecessarily each year from the complications of pregnancy and childbirth. Every day, in every country in the world, women are beaten and sexually assaulted by male relatives. And the gains that women have made over the last 10 years are being slowly and systematically eroded by a religious backlash that sees women as the symbols of identity and

Vivid testimonies from courageous women and men around the world explain why, even in this 'post-feminist' age, women's rights are still very much an issue for men and women alike.

Diagrams, charts and graphs used throughout to illustrate key information.

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