No-No Guide to United Nations

By Maggie Black

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  • Insightful
  • Highly readable
  • Complex ideas made accessible
  • 110 x 180 mm, paperback
  • 160 pages

Well-informed, acutely insightful, sharply opinionated and highly readable...

Shashi Tharoor, former UN Under-Secretary-General

...compact and highly readable... an ideal primer for a new generation as well as a welcome memory-refresher for those of us who think we know it.

Frederic Eckhard, official spokesperson for Kofi Annan, 1997-2005

Maggie Black has demonstrated, yet again, her genious for condensing complex ideas and organisations into accessible and insightful prose.

Professor Thomas G Weiss, Director, Ralph Bunche Institute for International Studies, City University of New York

I cannot do without your caring, enlightening publication.

M. Medcalf, Northgate, QLD

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The No-Nonsense Guide to the United Nations is virtually unique in UN literature in covering the whole of the UN system, not just the political bodies in New York. Maggie Black explains the structure and assesses the UN's record on humanitarian relief, protection of the global commons, development, health, education, international law and human rights.

It includes the UN creation and early history; how it is structured and whether it is well constituted in its functions. She considers possibilities for reform to make it more democratic, effective and fit for purpose.

The task of understanding the UN is mind-bendingly difficult. This book does more to explain it in a relatively short space than a host of more scholarly books on international affairs.

Diagrams, charts and graphs used throughout to illustrate key information.

ISBN / Barcode: 9781904456889

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