No-No Guide to Conflict and Peace

By Helen Ware

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  • Concise text includes all the salient details
  • Interesting and supporting visuals
  • Good introduction to the basic concepts around conflict and peacebuilding
  • 110 x 180 mm, paperback
  • 144 pages

The No-Nonsense Guides are the most accessible and enjoyable means for people with hurried lives to find out how the world really works.

George Monbiot, environmental campaigner and author

A splendid series of pocketable guides - rigorously clear.

The Guardian, London

What matters is how conflict is dealt with - and this is the theme of this highly worthwhile book.

Estanislau da Silva, Minister for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Timor Leste

I am really happy with your products and service. In particular "The New Internationalist" is a great resource for our Certificate 1V IN WOMEN'S EDUCATION where we study Global Issues for Women.

Janine Wright - Co-ordinator, Women's Education Vocational Preparation and Equity/TAFEstart, tafeSA

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The 20th century was the most bloody in history as sophisticated weaponry killed millions of people. And already conflict in the new century has taken a heavy toll. In today's world most wars are within countries rather than between states. Often, it is civilians that suffer most, especially women and children.

This invaluable No-Nonsense Guide is excellent for students, peace groups and activists. With tables, maps, case studies and quotes, it looks at how conflict escalates and ways it can be prevented. It examines the changing types of war, including the 'War on Terror' and ethnic conflict such as in Rwanda; the role of diplomacy and the UN, and what steps ordinary people are taking to re-build communities. It also offers ideas and inspiration for creating lasting peace.

Diagrams, charts and graphs used throughout to illustrate key information.

ISBN / Barcode: 9781904456421

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