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We've done the hard work for you

Our NI Co-op members have sweated long hours selecting the best books for you and it's been well worth it. Here you'll find useful resources for learning about global justice issues. They'll inspire you with hope for a better world. Order online now, or if you're in Adelaide, do come and browse in our bookshop too.

Not all hard work

We've certainly included some solid reference works, but you'll also find a range of inspirational books that make excellent gifts.

Fun stuff for kids

We know that finding great books for kids can be difficult; many offerings are either pretty but meaningless, or worthy but boring. But we've found some superb books that will be much loved - and much read - by kids and parents alike.

What will I teach tomorrow?

Bringing global issues to life in the classroom is a challenge at the best of times. But when you're fresh out of ideas, you can turn to our Classroom Books section for books that will help inspire searching minds.

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The Chetna Organic Cotton Project

Why buy from New Internationalist?

New Internationalist supports Fair Trade producers like The Chetna Organic Cotton Project. Fair Trade promotes a fair wage and fair working conditions, encouraging developing world producers to help themselves.

A little about The Chetna Organic Cotton Project: Say NO to pesticides that poison three million people every year, and help make trade fairer at the same time.

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World Fair Trade Organization

World Fair Trade Organization

New Internationalist Australia is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, which means we have to stock a percentage of Fair Trade products, and also adhere to Fair Trade practices ourselves. Great for supporting producers rights, and also for our staff.

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